Tii have been working closely with partner Education Supporting Industry (ESI-UK) Ltd to create a Mental Health Champions eLearning package, read on for more information.

Who are ESI UK?

Education Supporting Industry (ESI-UK) Ltd are one of the fastest growing digital education solution companies in the UK, providing an ever-growing range of modern and engaging courses in areas such as adult care, fire safety, mental health awareness, plus many more, please click here to view all current courses.


In addition to their range of open access courses, ESI-UK also offers a range of digital learning solutions for education providers, which can include the development of Scorm compliant eLearning, cloud-based hosting, curriculum review to fully engage with a truly blended approach to learning delivery. To get in touch with the team to explore how they can support you, please click here.


They are so very proud to work with a range of different clients/partners, including:

  • Awarding organisations such as Qualsafe Awards and ActiveIQ

  • Education providers such as Total Training Provision and ActivFirst

  • Industry professionals such as the Rugby Football League (RFL) and Stago


To find out more about ESI-UK and the work they do, please visit us as www.esi-uk.com

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Mental Health Champion - eLearning package - a collaboration between Tii and ESI-UK.


To access the course please visit - this link and to get an exclusive Tii discount of 50% off enter code "tii-mhc" at checkout.

The course syllabus includes the following 5 chapters:


Chapter 1

  • The definition of mental health

  • The Mental Health Line

  • Risk factors

  • Parity of esteem

  • Key statistics 


Chapter 2

  • What is stress

  • The stress container

  • What is resilience

  • Improving resilience


Chapter 3

  • Common conditions

  • Anxiety disorders

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

  • Phobias

  • Depression

  • Substance misuse


Chapter 4

  • SASS support model

  • Case studies

  • Self-care


Chapter 5

  • Positive mental health practices

  • Being a Mental Health Champion