Why should I be committed to improving mental health awareness?

The Inclusion Initiative believes that an organisation performs better when they create an inclusive environment for all their employees. We believe that giving your employees the tools and knowledge to manage mental health empowers them. Creating a workplace where people can talk more openly about mental health helps eradicate the stigma still often attached to mental health.

Impact on Employees

  • 60% of UK employees have experienced a mental health issue due to work, or where work was a contributing factor.

  • 31% of UK employees have been “formally diagnosed” with a mental health condition. (Business in the Community, 2017: Mental Health at Work Report)

  • Cognitively diverse teams solve problems faster than teams of cognitively similar people (Harvard Business Review 2017)

  • When employees ‘think their organisation is committed to and supportive of diversity, and they feel included’, their ability to innovate increases by 83%. (Deloitte 2013)

  • Just seven of the FTSE 100 companies’ CEOs are women, equal to the number of men named Dave or David (CIPD & High Pay Centre 2018)

Business Impact

  • Stress, depression or anxiety accounted for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health, 12.5 million  (Health and Safety Executive 2016/2017).

  • Mental ill health costs UK employers an estimated £35 billion each year, the equivalent of £1300 per employee in the UK.

    • £21.2 billion on reduced productivity

    • £10.6 billion on sickness absence

    • £3.1 billion on staff turnover​​

(Centre for Mental Health, 2017: Mental health at work: The business costs ten years on)

  • Companies in the top quartile for racial and ethnic diversity are 35 percent more likely to have financial returns above their respective national industry medians. (Mckinsey, 2015)

Workplace support

Even though most line managers feel that employee wellbeing is their responsibility;

  •  Only 24% have received training in managing an employee with a mental health issue

  •  3 in 4  believe there are barriers to supporting their staff

  • 35% report having no workplace facilities or services that could help mental health and wellbeing

(Business in the Community, 2017: Mental Health at Work Report)


What are the business benefits?

  •  Prevention and early identification of problems, should enable employers to save “30% or more of the costs associated with mental ill health - at least £8 billion a year” (Centre for Mental Health).

  •  60% of employees would feel more motivated and more likely to recommend their organisation as a good place to work if their employer took action to support mental health and wellbeing

(Mind, 2013: How to promote wellbeing and tackle the causes of work-related mental health problems).

  • According to the World Federation for Mental Health, “employees favour a workplace that cares for their wellbeing and demonstrates support for wellbeing through a healthy work/life balance and strong diversity policies” (2017: Mental Health in the Workplace)

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